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TransFund surcharge-free ATMs are available only to cardholders of participating financial institutions. Check with your bank or credit union to see if you qualify.
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Home Equity Card Click here for a printable
PDF of all Card Products
The TransFund Home Equity Card functions like a debit card, but is tied to a home equity line of credit account.
Now, home equity loan customers can use a plastic payment card for purchases instead of a book of checks. The card is tied to the loan account so that proceeds can be accessed with ease and convenience. ATM deposits, account transfers and purchases with cash back are not allowed. Regulations Z and E govern this card product.
Additional Features:
Can be used for some ATM transactions.
Earns interchange income.
Can be issued as a photo card.
Provides zero liability cardholder protection.
Issuer name & logo will appear on front of the card.