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TransFund surcharge-free ATMs are available only to cardholders of participating financial institutions. Check with your bank or credit union to see if you qualify.
Find No-surcharge ATMs by specifying any combination of City and/or State and/or Zip.
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Fraud Prevention
TransFund offers many layers of fraud prevention and protection to help you maintain the profitability of your card program and protect cardholders and your financial institution. These options include:
Neural Network Monitoring with FraudWatch Plus
FraudWatch Plus is a 24x7x365 fraud monitoring program that combines the most sophisticated fraud detection technology with experienced fraud analysts. It employs neural fraud modeling technology to flag suspicious or high-risk transactions. The program scores each transaction based on weighted variables and business rules conducive to detecting fraud. An alert is generated when an authorization matches the definition of a rule-based strategy. The cardholder is then contacted by the financial institution or the Fraud Team to determine the next steps for prevention.
Verified By Visa
Verified by Visa helps make cardholders more comfortable buying online by enhancing the security and integrity of Internet purchasing. TransFund makes it easy for financial institutions to participate in Verified by Visa with our simple startup options that require minimal resources.
Cardholders simply add a personal password to their existing consumer Visa check card account and use it when shopping online at Verified by Visa merchants. The password acts much like an ATM card PIN that enables the Issuer to verify the cardholder's account ownership during an online purchase.
Card Activation
To prevent mail theft and possible misuse, financial institutions may require cardholders to activate their debit card before use. Several secure methods are available, including:
Voice-response system.
Activation at the ATM or Point of Sale using a secure PIN.
Financial institution activation using web-based TransFund card management software.
Lost/Stolen Card Hotline
After regular business hours, TransFund will accept lost/stolen reporting from cardholders by phone. The card will be hot-carded and the financial institution client will be notified the next business day. This is an optional service.
Fraud/Risk Reports
TransFund generates detailed and customizable daily reports that can help you identify fraudulent transactions.
Expiration Date Checking
TransFund requires the expiration date contained in the authorization request exactly match the expiration date on file.
TransFund employs all of the security measures mandated by Visa, including:
Matches the three-digit security code embedded on the magnetic stripe of a debit card to assist with verifying the authenticity of the card during transactions.
Matches the three-digit code printed on the signature panel of the card with the CVV2/CVC2 value on file for card-not-present transactions.