Our Leadership Team

Brian Bourgeois

Executive Vice President and Director

Brian is a 30+year EFT industry veteran, and is considered by many as one of the industry’s foremost authorities on ATMs, debit cards, interchange, and payment processing. Prior to his current role as Director of TransFund, Brian’s EFT experience included serving as TransFund Operations Manager, ATM Servicing Manager, Merchant Services Manager, CIO/MIS Manager, and EFT Network Services Manager. Brian also served on the CIRRUS Operations Committee during the formative years of CIRRUS. Brian has been a major contributor to TransFund’s success. During his tenure, the transactions processed and settled by TransFund have grown from less than 10 million annually to more than a half a billion per year.

Michael Kelly

Senior Vice President, TransFund Debit and ATM Solutions

Michael Kelly is an accomplished senior executive with 20+ years within the payments and financial services industry. Michael is acknowledged by senior teams, customers, and colleagues for his visionary leadership, developing collaborative relationships, building cohesive work environments, and creative problem solving.

Prior to joining TransFund Michael was with Discover, Mastercard, and American Express where he held various roles of increasing responsibility in relationship management, consulting, and sales.

Michael leads TransFund's relationship management, product management, ATM solutions, operations, and the project management and implementation teams.

David Grossardt

Senior Vice President, Sales Director

David Grossardt started his career in the U.S. Navy where he is worked in South America conducting Drug Enforcement Operations.  

He then went on to earn Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees and also has more than 25 years of Operations, Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing Experience within the Debit and Credit Card Industry.  He is considered an expert in this field and often speaks at industry trade association meetings. 

David has a very progressive approach which has allowed him to assist community financial institutions with growth oriented EFT marketing solutions geared toward attracting new customers and increasing non-interest fee income. David assisted in pioneering the “My School Card Program”, which created significant revenue growth for the community financial institutions his team has worked with and also benefited hundreds of schools across the nation.

Russell V. Davis

Senior Vice President, Manager Merchant Services Sale Support

BA, Business Management, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, 1987

35 years - Banking, 33 years - Merchant Services, 23 years - TransFund Merchant Services

Since joining TransFund, Russell has successfully planned and managed the system conversion of its merchant program, which originally included 15 financial institutions and 1200+ merchant sites to a new processing system. Merchant Services has since increased to 200 financial institutions and 6,700 merchant locations with annual volumes in excess of $1.2 billion per year.

He has been instrumental in establishing the operational aspects of four additional front-end solutions (customer interfaces). During his tenure he has successfully implemented product solutions such as: On-line (Pin) Debit Card processing, Gift Card, EBT, Online Reporting, Credit Card Lockbox, Wireless, Internet; as well as policies/program such as: PCI/DSS, Bank Secrecy Act, Customer ID, Patriot Act, OFAC, FACTA, FACTA-Red Flag and many more.

Patrick Arch

Senior Vice President, Manager of Information Service

TransFund processes and settles 500 million transactions annually making it one of the leading ATM/EFT Networks and Debit Processors in the nation.  Patrick has held this Senior Leadership role in TransFund for the last 10 years. He has had 27 years of banking experience, all at BOK Financial.

As Information Services Manager, Patrick’s responsibilities include leading the support of TransFund’s in-house developed Billing, Application and Data Warehouse environments. During his tenure in TransFund, Patrick has built a strong and flexible team and systems that are capable of handling the needs of ever evolving EFT Industry. Patrick is TransFund’s BURC.  He is also a member of BOKF’s Operational Risk and the IT Governance Committees.

Prior to joining TransFund, Patrick held numerous roles within BOK Financial in the Operations and Information Technology (IT) Divisions. He has held multiple roles in the IT Division from Application Support, Network Administrator, Client Server Engineer (CSE) and finally Manager of the CSE Group. While in the CSE Group, Patrick engineered and integrated the Item Processing legacy environment to image based in support of Check 21. This included the upgrade and conversion of four Item Processing Centers in three states. Other notable banking systems he implemented during his time in IT are the Wire Room, PegaSystem Adjustments, and DSS Return Items.

Early in his career he was a Profitability Analyst working on corporate wide expense and revenue initiatives. His group analyzed opportunities and developed solutions for Executive Management’s evaluation. Once the solution was approved he would help implement and tracked results. Cost control and efficiency have continued to be core values in every role after this point. During this time he attended Oklahoma State Bank Operations School providing him a strong banking knowledge foundation.

Ashley Harris

Vice President, Manager Projects and Conversions

Ashley has worked at TransFund since 2005. During her employment with TransFund, Ashley has had 10 years of experience as a Senior Project Manager and Senior Relationship Manager, before being promoted to Manager of Projects and Conversions in 2014. 

Ashley’s background includes over 25+ years in the credit card, telecom and EFT processing arena. During her tenure, Ashley has been closely involved with the constant changes surrounding the EFT industry and gained extensive expertise and knowledge from working closely with the network brands, core processors and financial institutions.

Quality customer service, project management and industry knowledge set TransFund apart from our competitors in the industry. Ashley’s familiarity of the industry and customer service experience help her deliver this value to our financial institutions.

Shannon Devlin

Vice President, TransFund Marketing

Shannon Devlin is an accomplished executive with 15+ years within the financial services industry and over a decade in his current role. Shannon is acknowledged by senior teams, customers, and colleagues for creating and implementing strategies and branding for increased revenue.

Prior to joining TransFund, Shannon was with TV Guide and other multi-billion dollar Financial Institutions where he held various roles in brand management, marketing, visual communication, consulting and sales.

Jeff Young

Vice President, Product Manager

Jeff Young has worked in the EFT industry for twenty-five years and has extensive knowledge and experience gained through the growth and complexity the industry has undergone in those years. Jeff has 22 years of experience at TransFund working several years in operations, fourteen years as a senior account manager and the past six years as TransFund’s Product Manager. Jeff has managed the financial institution experience and understands how changes in the industry impact financial institutions bottom line, consumer experience and financial institutions employees. As Product Manager, Jeff now focuses on products, emerging trends, federal and network compliance and rules, client communications and overarching TransFund projects.

Gareld Gill

Vice President, Manager Participant Services

Gareld is currently responsible for the oversight and management of the TransFund EFT Debit Card client relationships. This includes working directly with existing TransFund clients and the direct management of an experienced team of Senior Relationship Managers responsible for providing quality customer support and consulting services relating to the family of TransFund products, services and promotions.  Gareld’s two primary objectives are to deliver exceptional customer service & experience and to achieve total client satisfaction and loyalty.

Over the last 38+ years, Gareld has served in many different roles in the EFT & IT Financial processing industry. Early in Gareld’s career, he was instrumental in successfully managing the research and development teams responsible for the implementation and support of TransFund’s online network hardware & application software. This included the installation and support for ATM transaction switching & interchanges with other ATM network processors. He has a broad and proven track record of experience providing quality customer support & services and direct management of cross functional teams in the EFT & IT industries.

Outside of TransFund, Gareld has served in a number of key technical & management roles including - Senior Vice President & Manager Information Services, Director & Manager Systems Technology & Systems Integrity, Senior Principal Consultant for Financial Services and SE Manager for Presales Support (Business Intelligence)/ Western US Region.