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TransFund surcharge-free ATMs are available only to cardholders of participating financial institutions. Check with your bank or credit union to see if you qualify.
Find No-surcharge ATMs by specifying any combination of City and/or State and/or Zip.
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Making Money Move
TransFund is a 30-year-old Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) network based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While some EFT processors have come and gone, merged or consolidated, TransFund continues to provide quality products and services to hundreds of banks and credit unions.
How TransFund Is Different
TransFund gives you the opportunity to generate revenue that far exceeds the cost of your program. We partner with mid-sized community financial institutions and help them utilize their EFT program to grow deposits and fee income. We know that in most cases, in a mid-sized community financial institution, everyone carries a tremendous amount of responsibility and often performs many job functions throughout the day. At TransFund, we not only provide you with tools designed specifically for growth, we help you implement those programs by providing marketing, graphic design, and operational support free of charge. We give you the opportunity to compete with larger banks in the surrounding areas without investing a lot of extra time or expense.
TransFund can help you:
Save you money on your current program.
Give your cardholders access to surcharge-free ATMs.
Increase revenue through programs and promotions designed specifically for growth.
Decrease loss due to fraud.
Provide a level of service uncommon in the industry and unmatched by our competitors.