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TransFund surcharge-free ATMs are available only to cardholders of participating financial institutions. Check with your bank or credit union to see if you qualify.
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TransFund's thirty plus years of experience in the industry has built a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities facing financial institutions like yours, and their pursuit of high level performance within their ATM network and card management operations. This has made TransFund one of the leading ATM/EFT networks and Debit card processors in the nation. TransFund takes this understanding, coupled with listening to clients' needs, and delivers solutions that provide the highest possible value.
Nationwide, more than 400 TransFund clients located in 14 different states maintain in excess of 2 million cards that represent 25 million EFT transactions that are processed by the TransFund network each month. In addition, TransFund maintains and also provides Visa and MasterCard merchant services for over 7,300 business customers. These premier financial institutions have a deep appreciation of the complexity and challenges of managing their ATM and Debit card operations. Their bottom-line focus is on their assets, the service quality they provide to their members and customers, and the contributions they make in meeting the goals and objectives of their organization.
TransFund understands that your success is directly related to your ability to serve your customers effectively, efficiently and with quality products.
1975 TransFund installs the first ATM in the State of Oklahoma.
1981 TransFund signs its first participating financial institution and officially becomes a shared ATM/EFT network.
1983 TransFund enters into ATM base agreement with QuikTrip convenience store chain.
1984 TransFund enters into ATM base agreement with 7-Eleven and Git 'n Go convenience store chains.
1987 TransFund reaches milestone of processing 1 million transactions a month.
1990 TransFund becomes the largest ATM/EFT network in the State of Oklahoma.
1992 TransFund offers marketing-related services to participants.
1994 TransFund introduces Visa Check Card product.
1998 TransFund introduces Business Visa Check Card product.
2002 TransFund introduces Photo Card product and launches website.
2003 TransFund introduces Verified by Visa product.
2004 TransFund introduces Mini Card product.
2005 TransFund expands surcharge free ATM base with Kum 'n Go Convenience store chain and QuikTrip in Dallas.
2006 TransFund expands surcharge free ATM base with Cody's and OnCue convenience store chains; introduces School Card product; introduces Health Savings & HELOC products; begins offering small quantity custom plastics and becomes one of the first in the industry to begin CVV checking on ATM transactions to help stop white card fraud.
Our record of providing innovative products, along with superior service, has been the hallmark of our success. This focus on service has allowed TransFund to maintain a consistently high implementation and client retention rate. Whether it is onsite conversions, full service marketing, training and support, help desk support or dedicated Relationship Managers, TransFund is prepared to give customers the products and services they require to achieve success.