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Processing Options
ELECTRONIC TICKET CAPTURE (ETC) is effortless and the most economical method of card processing, making it the top choice for most merchants. With ETC, card transactions are authorized, posted and deposited electronically, eliminating the need to physically transport card items to the bank for deposit. With ETC, merchants gain flexibility and control over their merchant account with the added ability to make adjustments or corrections to card transactions. The most common electronic processing options are:
Audio Response Unit (ARU) - This method is a viable alternative for paper or low-volume merchants. Merchants utilize a touch-tone telephone to key in merchant and cardholder information. No additional equipment is required, just a touch-tone telephone and an imprinter.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals - This method is most often used in a retail environment where the card is swiped through a POS terminal a.k.a "swipe machine". The ability to swipe the card reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and results in the lowest available processing fees.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Software - used with Personal Computers and Cash Registers by retailers, restaurants, lodging, mail/telephone merchants or any merchant that wants industry specific prompts and features.
First Data Global Gateway is the preferred gateway solution for card processing. This method is ideal for merchants who receive most of their sales by mail, phone or the internet. Multiple solutions are available to meet the need of any merchant desiring to utilize the internet. Retailers, mail/telephone, call centers, websites or any merchant type may use the gateway to securely process card transactions. Various other gateway solutions are supported:
Virtual Terminal - allows merchants to directly access a POS terminal via their web browser to securely authorize and post card payments. This works for retail, mail/telephone order merchants. Supports an unlimited number of users, recurring payments and more.
Connect - for less complex ecommerce environments with fewer than 100 products.
Application Program Interface (API) - permits developers to build custom shopping carts and easily integrate card processing into account software, cash register systems, websites, voice response units, etc.
Batch Upload - permits merchants to submit files of transactions via secure file transfer protocol. This is ideal for merchants that want to submit billing files that don't require realtime (immediate) responses. Files are submitted and response file are retrieve within hours.
Create A Customer Solution we provide you with the technical specifications, file layouts and communication options in order to develop a customer solution that suits individual needs.
POS Solutions
Click here to download various POS Terminal Solutions.
Online Reporting
Online reporting allows merchants to access 18-months of historical data. The site provides easy access to individual and batched transactions (click here for an example), online statements, fraud alerts, chargebacks and retrieval data all in one safe and secure online environment. All information is accessed from a user-friendly menu screen for individual merchant accounts. Multi-location merchants should contact their account representative for access to multi-level reporting.
Online- Secure-SSL Protocol with Truncated Card Numbers.
Batched Transactions From Monthly Totals Down To A Single Sale.
Rolling 18-Months of Information.
Totals By Card Type.
Exportable To Several Formats Including Excel.
Fraud Alerts for Manual/Keyed Entry % And Returns/Credits.
Chargeback And Retrieval Notification.
Multi-Location (Chain) Reporting.
Deposit Payment History (ACH Reporting).
Search by Card Number.
Gift Card Programs
Attract new customers and increase brand awareness.
Gift cards are like mini-billboards in the wallet.
A gift card is an endorsement of the merchant from the purchaser.
Pre-paid dollars make the store a destination increasing traffic and creating float benefits.
Provides an alternative payment method.
Is an inexpensive way to accept payment.
Giving "store credit" via gift cards (for merchandise returns) keeps dollars in the store.
Click here for more info.
What is meant by PIN-Debit, PINless, and signature-based debit?
PIN-based transactions occur at the point of sale, and are defined by the entry of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) by the cardholder. Also referred to as online debit.
PINless debit transactions are conducted without the cardholder present and are generally used only in processing environments with recurring transactions, such as utilities or other bill payments.
Signature debit, also referred to as offline debit, is the use of a check card issued by a bank and with a Visa or MasterCard logo. During the transaction, the cardholder can elect to use the card as Debit (PIN-based) or Credit (Signature-based).
The use of debit cards for payments has increased steadily over time, as much as 25% per year.
30% of all debit point of sale transactions are in the retail segment.
18% of debit is transacted in the Travel & Entertainment industry.
9% is processed for utility/bill payments.
54% of grocery purchases are made with debit cards.
Access to all major debit card networks, including:
CU24 Shazam
Companies are turning to commercial cards to streamline their processes and many are making acceptance of their credit card (for payment) a factor in choosing a merchant supplier. By accepting cards, merchants can further strengthen their competitive position, enhance existing relationships, and build new ones.
TransFund support three levels of commercial card processing.
Business-to-Business credit card transactions (LEVEL 1). Helps the merchant's business – and their commercial customers’ businesses – to run more efficiently by streamlining functions, reducing paperwork and administration expenses, increasing productivity, and achieving an array of additional benefits as well:
Increase sales volume by allowing new and existing customers to use the payment method that works best for them.
Increase cash flow by receiving payment as quickly as 24-48 hours.
Save time and money by eliminating costly credit approvals and collections activity.
Open new sales channels such as e-commerce.
Enhance competitive position by offering customers greater payment choices.
Improve customer service.
Delivering detailed information to enhance customers’ operations (LEVEL 2 & 3). In addition to the basic information such as transaction date, purchase amount, supplier name, city and state that payment cards generally offer, Level II and Level III processing enables electronic collection of additional data (Level II and Level III). Businesses use this data to support cost allocation, expense reconciliation, and compliance with government regulations. In addition, businesses can use this information to better understand their purchasing patterns and enhance their operations. By offering these benefits, merchants gain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining corporate customers. Many of our customers utilize ICVerify software in order to meet their business needs.
Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows a recipient to authorize transfer of their government benefits from a Federal account to a retailer account to pay for products received. EBT is currently being used in many States to issue food stamp and other benefits. Over 99.8 percent of food stamp benefits are currently being issued by EBT. State food stamp agencies work with contractors to procure their own EBT systems for delivery of Food Stamp and other state-administered benefit programs.
TransFund can support qualified merchants in the following States:
Oklahoma ACS
Transactive Illinois
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